Mechanical toys, lacquered and lithographed, 1900-1960

DescriptionThe different generations of boys in the Bernimolin family have obviously enjoyed mechanical toys. The purchased lot includes more than 50 items that can be divided into 3 main categories: trains with spring mechanisms and their accessories, wind-up cars and figures, and finally, steam toys. These are painted and lithographed metal toys mainly made in Germany. Below are the most important pieces described.
For example, the lot includes a large locomotive and its wagons at a 1/32 scale (model railway scale 1) from the 1900-1914 period from the German producer Bing and its subcontractor Carette & Cie. The smaller scale 0 (1/43.5) is also represented with a beautiful green locomotive and wagons from Bing (around 1902), the very rare “Süd Express” passenger wagon from Märklin, several Hornby trains (1935-1960), and 3 hand-painted Märklin stations dating back to before the First World War.
We stay in the 1900-1915 period with various mechanical models that could be set in motion using a small steam engine: a colorful windmill and a water tower with fountain are the most beautiful elements.
Finally, we end up in the 1950s with various wind-up tinplate cars and figures. Among the most beautiful examples, the lot includes a fun boy pushing a chest from the Gescha brand, the “Hell-Racer,” a mint green futuristic car from Schuco, and the quite rare Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio 359 from Kellerman. The latter were produced in West Germany and bear the mention “Made in US Zone Germany.”
Acquisition date2022