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of the Royal Museums
of Art and History

Our purpose,
our values

To participate in the transmission and promotion of the Museum of Art and History’s values
To enrich, to preserve and to restore the collections

Through their events, The Friends of the Royal Museums of Art and History (FRMAH) aim to:

  • Financially support the Museum and to participate in the transmission of its ideals
  • Create a privileged bond between Friends and the Museum: exclusive tours, conferences with curators
  • Make the Friends’ Scheme available to the highest majority through affordable dues.
  • To involve the Museum’s management and curators in our action

Our activities

Tours and discoveries

The Friends ‘ Scheme organises around 25 events a year (Thursdays or Saturdays) consisting in tours of exhibitions and museums as well as outings to noteworthy landmarks in and around the capital.

The events guide for the trimester can be found in the link below

Supporting us means


Participating in the transmission of the Museum’s values

The Museum of Art and History, located on the Cinquantenaire esplanade, is one of the largest European museums. Its internationally renowned Collection houses thousands of artworks and archaeological artefacts. The Friends’ aim is to support and promote this remarkable Museum.


Participating in the conservation of its artworks

Thanks to our contribution to the Museum of Art and History, we take part, in our own way, in the conservation of the Collection and the renovation of certain rooms.


Enriching their collection

The Museum keeps extending its collection. The Friends also participate in the acquisition of various Important works.

Enjoying a privileged relationship

By becoming a member of the Friends’ Scheme, you will help the Museum but you will also enjoy a privileged relationship with the Friends, the Museum, its management and its curators.

acquisitions & restaurations